Eszter Zsiray

Helping working mothers to thrive by creating time and space for their OWN needs and aspirations
Are you a working mother in a corporate job?

​If yes, then most probably you are accomplishing more things a day than you could even count, but while you are so busy with all those household chores, kids, husband and at work with those presentations and reports, your days end without having even one minute for yourself to breathe, to be, to do something because YOU want it.​

As a result, you live with constant resentment, anger and guilt which has a toll on your relationship with your husband and your kids and you are not the biggest fun of yourself either. ​

Working Mom


I felt comfortable with Eszter as of the first day, she listened to me with the impression that she took in everything I said and she surprised me how she later used the information to support me. I discovered with her help how my brain just boycotts me sometimes and how can I defeat it. I gained back my self-confidence and everything I learned with her accompanies me every day.

Mónica M.


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It is important to note that life coaching is not appropriate for individuals who are in crisis or in need of mental health services.

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