About holistic wellbeing coaching

Holistic wellbeing coaching is a powerful form of life coaching taking into consideration every aspect of life and it strives for a balance between all the important domains. 

Most of the people are juggling between so many tasks and expectations and are putting themselves to the end of the priority list so that the majority of the domains of their wellbeing gets unbalanced leading into serious consequences on their health and happiness.

There are physical and mental symptoms: not ideal body weight, fatigue, lack of energy, sleeping difficulties, anxiety, hectic feelings and mood swings, early signs of physical diseases related to unhealthy habits, difficulties to control emotions, conflicts, feeling stressed and overwhelmed just to mention a few.

During my holistic wellbeing program we look at all the domains and evaluate where to focus to recover your balance and harmony. I support you dream big and design your PERFECT LIFE and then we roll up our sleeves and get busy to actually transform your life into that dream!

I support you when you get stuck or lost on this journey, I keep you motivated and focused, I help you to see negative behaviour patterns from a different angle and get over them. I am there to support you to implement healthy habits that stick with you, I help you to learn how to take care of yourself and I am definitely there to celebrate your wins and victories during the program and at the end of it when you have your life transformed into a fantastic, improved version of your previous life.