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Join Corporate Mums' Community, our safe place to share the challenges and difficulties and support each other in the ups and downs of working mums! 

Corporate Mums' Community

My vision is to support working mothers on their daily journey to align motherhood and work and help them to find a way to enjoy this chapter of their lives instead of getting stressed out and frustrated due to the huge workload and unrealistic expectations. 

That is why I decided to build up a community, where we can support each other on this journey and share with each other the ups and downs, and you are more than welcomed to join us!

Image by Anthony Tran

Self-Care May Challenge

Based on my experience, most working mothers could benefit from more self-care as somehow that is what usually gets to the very end of the priority list and got forgotten.

Join us in our Facebook group, the Corporate Mums' Community and sign up to the free Self-Care May Challenge!​


Why join?


If you have any old plans, or ideas to once focus on a goal... to sleep enough or meditate or walk daily, but somehow it never happens - now is the time as you will have a supportive environment, and the company of other busy mums and on top of that, you will have me as a coach.

What will happen? 

We will start on the 1st of May by setting up an individual goal for May that serves your emotional and/or physical well-being. It will not be about being more productive or effective, no, now we will focus on what is best for our mental health and happiness

There will be live events and a Self-Care Challenge Workbook to support you on your journey and track how are you doing. 

At the end of the month, we will sum up how it went and we will discuss how you can stick to the new habit in your life or even add further changes. 


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