Eszter Zsiray

Certified Life Coach

If you could change ANYTHING in your life, what would it be?

Do you live your life at the fullest? Do you want to get closer to your true self and start a journey to personal growth, to a happier life?

Do you want to stop compromising and give yourself permission to be who you really want to be and live your dream life?

Are you ready to change your career or finally improve your health or change your mindset and see things from a more positive perspective?

Is there some significant change that you are dreaming of but there was always something stopping you to go for it?

With the VELL© method you can have the transformation you always dreamed about but never achieved.

Contact me to experience coaching and see how powerful it is when it comes to change and personal growth.

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My methodology of success: VELL©

As a coach I help you to take ownership of your own life and transform it into the life you never even dreamed about.

With my program VELL© you will overcome any kind of obstacles, difficulties and you can get finally the job you wanted, you can start your own business, you can find the way to be in peace with yourself or have loving relationships. You can learn to find happiness every day.

All my clients had successfully transformed their lives into their dream lives with applying VELL©.

The pillars of my methodology are:

Vision and strategy – I help you to VISUALISE for yourself the bright future you always wanted but never believed you could achieve it. By visualizing you will initiate a biological and emotional shift in your mindset and you will start your journey to transform your life. We will elaborate together the strategy you need to accomplish your goals that will lead you to your dream life.

Empowerment – I will help you to find your inner confidence and strength to be what you always wanted to be. By having confidence in your strengths, skills and capabilities you will unleash your potential and achieve things that you secretly dreamed about, however, your self-doubt and insecurity didn’t allow you to even seriously consider those achievements.

Limitation – I will help you to discover what are YOUR personal ways of self-sabotaging yourself and I teach you how to stop boycotting your own success and happiness. You won’t be your own biggest enemy anymore and you will discover how much opportunities are waiting for you to explore.

Leadership – I show you how to shift your mindset to be a LEADER and take the driving seat in your life instead of just watching life passing as if you were a side character in your own movie. You will notice how much you can speed up the progress on any areas of your life by taking ownership, and responsibility, by having positive energy and attitude, and by being the creator of your own future.


Why coaching?

If you could live your dream life, how would it look like?

How would you feel yourself in your body and what emotions, feelings would mark your days?

What kind of person would you like to be, what kind of partner, mother or friend and how would be your relationship with yourself?

How would you relate to your body, to your physical health and how would you get your leisure time and enjoy yourself?

The gap between the dream life and your real life is not as huge as you might think.

I don’t have a magic wand but you can decide to work for a happier, healthier, more peaceful version of you. It is up to you what do you want to achieve in your life, what is there in your future. There are beliefs in all of us stopping us to make a step forward whispering  into our ears `I have no time for this´, `I don`t deserve it´ or ‘This is just not for me´. ‘What if I fail?‘

But that is all right. We are all human and we all have our emotional blocks for a good reason. Luckily we also possess lot of capabilities and skills that we might not be aware of. We do have everything in us to prepare ourselves and make that initial step and start a new journey towards The Perfect Life.

As everything, this happier and healthier version of you also comes with a price. You have to really want it and make the decision to work for it. But if you are ready, I will give you all the tools and support to feel and use the power in you and significantly improve your life quality.



I felt comfortable with Eszter as of the first day, she listened to me with the impression that she took in everything I said and she surprised me how she later used the information to support me. I discovered with her help how my brain just boycotts me sometimes and how can I defeat it. I gained back my self-confidence and everything I learned with her accompanies me every day.

Mónica M.


About me

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My story

Life has its ways and sometimes you end up with a totally different life than you imagined and at the end it just feels so natural and logical. This happened to me various times in my life.

I lived a quite nice and secure life in Budapest, working for a multinational company and building there a decent career as a manager, but something was missing. I felt it deep inside so I started to seek for something more. With a sudden idea I moved to Spain for a year to experience how is it to live on my own and even though it was extremely difficult at some point to be alone in a new country, I had the feeling that I just started to finally live and get closer to the real myself.

I started to do things that I always wanted to like writing, traveling, running a marathon or working as a volunteer and I built up a new life based on values that are aligned with the real me.

I decided to study coaching and I just fell in love with it! I obtained a master in life coaching at IEC (Instituto Europeo de Coaching) and started to work with fantastic people and support them to be conscious of their life choices and live the life that they really wanted to. I am working with fantastic people, supporting them to see themselves from a different perspective where they are capable of anything, I watch them achieve their goals and make their dreams come true, so who could ask for a better job?

I live in Barcelona ever since and I became the mother of a wonderful boy. I am exactly where I want to be: I am learning about life every day and I have the privilege to accompany people as they learn about themselves.

Contact me if you would like to experience it to finally live your own life and be who you always wanted to be.


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It is important to note that life coaching is not appropriate for individuals who are in crisis or in need of mental health services.

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