Sat on the Rocks

Life coaching program

This is an amazing program for those who want to invest in themselves, who doesn't want to be stuck any more and who are ready to sit into the driving seat of their life and change it significantly.

This program is for you if

  • you feel stuck in your life and you don’t know what or how to change to get more out of your life

  • things just happen to you and you have the feeling that it is not you driving your own life, you are rather drifting

  • you want to go for your dream job but it is messy yet in your head what would it be, you just know for sure that it is not what you are currently doing

  • you feel that your relationships and/or your social life is not as you would expect but you have difficulties to see what could you do

  • you feel that you are your biggest enemy as it is difficult to believe in yourself and keep up with the good habits

  • you want to be significantly more positive and assertive as you cope with people, events, difficulties and life in general 

  • you are far from living up to your potential and you are ready to live a more fulfilling life

What does the program offer?

  • Go after your dream life and achieve your goals. Be the protagonist of your life instead of a side character.

  • Accomplish your objectives with

  • Defining what would make you happy

  • Understand your motivation and your limiting beliefs, blockers, obstacles

  • Get over your obstacles and learn how to stay motivated

  • Establish healthy habits and activities supporting you to meet your objectives

  • Lifestyle change with long lasting results

  • Personal growth, improved self-esteem and confidence, self-love

  • Getting back control over your own life

  • Boosted overall happiness and positivity

  • Improved relationships and communication

  • Emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing

Life is short. You have some vague ideas about what would be your dream life but you are stuck in reality… aren’t you? Or is there a way to get more out of this all? Is it possible to have better relationships, job and/or quality of life in general?

Can you have it all?

We are sensitive but extremely resilient creatures and sometimes we need some external structure and support to reach our potential. This is when coaching comes into the picture, it is like having a co-pilot helping you on your journey in an unknown territory, reading the map and traffic signs, noticing obstacles and helping to get over them and making you laugh to relieve tension on this fantastic road trip to an improved version of your life.