Sat on the Rocks

Mompreneurs' Program

It is beautiful to be a mother, a partner but it is time to fulfil your dreams.

This is a personalised program for those women who finally want to invest in themselves, finding out who they are, what is their vision about their professional and personal life and get the courage to go for it.

It is time now to focus on yourself and what do you want to get out of your life. Do you want to go for a new position at your current workplace? Do you want to study what you always wanted to? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Whatever is your secret dream, this program helps you to:

  • Get clear on your vision about the future and have a clear strategy how can you get there

  • Define who do you want to be in your professional life and get out of your comfort zone to discover an exciting new level of personal growth around you

  • Learn how to stop boycotting yourself and enable your creative and bold side

  • Feel confident and secure about your abilities and skills, find how to operate in your genius zone and make decisions by this confident and strong self

  • Have financial consciousness and a good relationship with money so that you can take actions for a prosperous future

  • Build out an ideal work-life balance and apply great time management practises so that you spend your precious time on the things that really matter

  • Be a role model to your family and to other women with fulfilling your potentials

  • Finish every day with the sensation of fulfilment and joy

There are great excuses why you are busy with your family, with your job, with the house chores. But if you ever ask yourself if is this all life have for you and you have the feeling that something is missing, that you could be capable of much more, than this is a program for you.

With working together I will support you to discover who you could be and you can empower yourself to do whatever you want with your life.

Open up a new store, found a start-up, go for a higher position, study interior design, or accelerate your already existing business with not standing in your own way anymore.