''Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.''

Mama, do you take GOOD care of this remarkable person in your life, YOURSELF?

When a child is born, a new mother is also born. As a new mother you are so devoted to give everything to your baby, to make her/him happy and healthy! And you also want to be a fantastic partner, a good friend just as before and then soon you notice that `life before` doesn’t exist anymore. You are stuck in the never-ending diaper changes, feedings and housework and you don’t know where are you exactly in the picture. On top of that, you live in the middle of a pandemic with restrictions due to COVID and you have less social contact and support, you are sleep-deprived and hormonal and your emotions are like a roller coaster – I know how it is as I am a mum of this pandemic myself.
For most of the mothers it is very difficult to juggle between all the different expectations and roles and most often our own needs get to the very end of the priority list. As a consequence, you get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, you lose it often, you have zero time and energy to pay attention to your own needs, to take care of your body with exercising or have a minute for yourself to not to go nuts or to eat healthier and lose that baby weight and feel yourself better in your own body… and it just gets worse and worse as a vicious cycle. You imagined motherhood as one of the most beautiful experiences in life, and somewhere it still is, but you just can’t enjoy it as you pictured before and you feel that something had been stolen from you, that you are broken, that it is your fault.  
But you ARE a wonderful mum, you love your baby as no one else could on this world. However, you need to learn how to take care of yourself physically and mentally so that you can see it clearly and finally enjoy this fantastic, challenging and unique life stage called motherhood. Let me support you on this beautiful journey to design your dream life where your and your family’s needs are all met and you feel energetic, sparkly, fit and confident!
Say YES to a quality life where you are in harmony with your body, mind and soul.

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Mum's mental & physical wellbeing

Motherhood is not as you expected?

It IS beautiful and full of love but… also overwhelming, confusing and exhausting? Does it bring out your impatient, anxious, downhearted and dark side? Do you feel frustrated and stressed as you are stuck in the never-ending diaper changes, feedings and housework and there is no time and energy to take care even of your basic needs?

Do you feel that you are left alone with your feelings and everyone else seem to cope better with motherhood? Do you feel that your partner is not supporting you as you hoped but you struggle discussing it without being emotional and end up quarrelling?  

You imagined motherhood as one of the most wonderful experiences in life, and somewhere it still is… but you can’t enjoy it as you pictured before. Do you feel that something had been stolen from you, that you are broken, that you are not enough?

I assure you that you ARE an amazing mother and all these feelings are absolutely normal and common amongst new mothers. You love your baby as no one else could in this world and you do your best and that is a lot!

But if you want to start to enjoy this life stage and stop struggling, you need to make the decision to stand up for yourself and invest in your health and happiness. With learning how to take GOOD CARE of your body and mind you will not only transform into a happy, serene and positive lifestyle but you will feel energetic, sparkly and fit, you will take good care of your loved ones with ease and you will deal with all the new challenges motherhood will keep bringing to you with confidence.


What does the program offer?

The Mum's mental & physical wellbeing program gives you a roadmap to motherhood as you were dreaming of, it collects best practises and effective coaching tools to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible and that you can experience this life stage as a wonderful time.

It is personalised as we concentrate on the area(s) causing the biggest challenges for YOU. This often includes designing and implementing a lifestyle that promotes the mental and physical wellbeing of the mother, working on acceptance of changes, understanding valid and unrealistic expectations causing frustration, learning and applying communication and stress management techniques.

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Who can benefit from the program?

This program is dedicated to fresh and not-that-new mothers to have a smooth transition into parenthood and live a balanced & healthy life even after having kid(s). I provide you systematic support to step into your new life stage with confidence and positivity and reencounter yourself as an individual woman, mum, partner and friend. I guide you to find the way to take care of yourself and be in peace with your body, mind and soul.

This program is for you if

  • you would like to have a smooth transition into motherhood instead of experiencing frustration, loneliness, chaos and confusion besides love and happiness

  • you are losing it way more often than you wish, you are impatient, anxious and you have difficulties to remember that funny and nice woman you used to be

  • the new situation causes conflicts with your partner, family, friends and you would like to learn assertive communication and stop fighting all the time

  • you don’t like what you see in the mirror and you struggle to make any changes due to the crazy schedule your new-born dictates 

  • you care about your health and now is the time to improve your medical results or take pre-emptive actions with a total lifestyle change so that you can run after your kid and see him/her grow up

  • you constantly feel that you are not as good a mother as you should be and you want to believe finally that you are a wonderful mother and that you are enough

  • you want to ride the change and design and live the happy and fulfilling life you always dreamed of

  • you feel like living on a roller coaster and you would like to understand better your own emotions and learn to handle them

  • after having kid(s) your life has changed 180 degrees and you struggle to recognise your old self or find peace with your new self but you would like to find again who you are

  • you want to seek new carrier opportunities more suitable to family life

  • you could use some effective time management techniques

  • you want to be significantly more positive and assertive as you cope with people, events, difficulties and life in general 

  • you are far from living up to your potential and you are ready to live a more fulfilling life


What happens during the program?

This program is a pathway to balanced motherhood with all the important life areas in equilibrium.

I help you to design your dream life where you live a balanced, serene life, you are in peace with yourself and with the people around you, where you handle easily and with positivity the challenges motherhood keeps bringing to you. In this dream life there is time and energy to take care of your mind and body and healthy habits are important part of your life.

Then we evaluate what is needed to (re)gain your balance and harmony and we create a detailed roadmap to make your dream life come true, tailored to your needs and your situation… and then we roll up our sleeves and get busy to actually transform your life into that dream! You will start to see the first results right after the first sessions and by the end of the program you will be transformed into a happy, fit and serene mother.

As your personal coach I support you on the 1to1 sessions when you get stuck or lost on this journey, I keep you motivated and focused, I help you to see negative behaviour patterns from a different angle and get rid of them. I am here to support you to implement healthy habits that stick with you, I help you to learn how to take care of yourself and I am definitely here to celebrate your wins and victories during the program and at the end of it when you have your life transformed into a fantastic, improved version of your previous life.

Image by Liana Mikah

What results can you expect from the program?

Achieving mental wellbeing

  • ​You are positive and balanced

  • You take care of yourself and you radiate tranquillity to your whole environment

  • You are a patient and loving mother of your child(ren)

  • You handle conflicts well with assertive communication

  • You manage stressful situations calmly and relaxed

  • You control your negative emotions and not your emotions control you

  • You prioritise and find the time for all important tasks

  • You are overall happy, positive and satisfied with your life 

  • You do love yourself and you do have faith in yourself

  • You know exactly what do you want in life and you work towards your goal

  • You respect and accept yourself

  • Your feel connected in your relationships with your partner, family, close friends

  • You take care of yourself and you did a lot to prevent post-partum depression

  • You feel resilient and mentally strong

Get fit and healthy (again)​

  • You have an ideal body weight, you fit into the pre-pregnancy clothes (again)

  • You are fit and you feel yourself attractive

  • You have healthy eating habits

  • Regular workouts are part of your routine

  • Sleeping is a priority and you do rest enough

  • Your body is thankful for how you treat it

  • Looking at the mirror makes you satisfied

  • You are energised and sparkling

  • Your overall health status had improved

  • You managed to make a long lasting lifestyle change

Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle have an impact on each and every area of our life, starting from our performance to our daily mood, from our overall health and positivity to the quality of our relationships. It is a holistic approach, respecting the necessary harmony between the different areas of life with working on those domains that cause most problems and prevent the overall wellbeing. While it is a beautiful experience to create a family, sometimes it is the most difficult thing we have to face with. As a mum you need to get used to the huge change that just came into your life and swept over everything you knew before and left you with little reference points. You need to learn so many new skills, you need to juggle with so many important tasks when you don’t understand where is that gal you knew so well and who is this old-new person with this beautiful baby changing diapers 8 times a day. 

Being a proud mom myself I had my fights and struggles to adjust to this huge change impacting my relationship with my partner, with myself and my whole world. I had my difficulties myself as well to be the mum I want to be, to live a full and accomplished life and show a positive example to my son. This is a never-ending journey and we mums deserve to get all the support to deal with the changes and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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