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Be the protagonist of your own life!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It is a very difficult question but a very important one. Just ask yourself: do you live the life you could just wish for yourself? How an average day looks like in your life and is it as you want it to be?

We tend to answer very quickly, just saying that yes, I am okay in my life, except one-two things, but honestly, no one has a perfect life, no one has a really good relationship if they have at all, no one really loves his/her job, or just a very few lucky ones. No one has the time to really connect with himself/herself, but that is okay, I think I do quite well, I am okay.

Now listen to yourself again, and let these excuses and bullshit go. What life would you like to live if you were free to dream big? What if you had a magic wand to change whatever you want?

Often we just go with the flow and end up having a life more or less okay. It is not a bad thing of course, luck and coincidence can take us to interesting places and we always can get the most out of it. Still, when you just let things happen around you is like being a supporting character in your own movie. It might be a goodish movie, but it is not what you would select to watch.

How to be the protagonist in your own life?

First of all, you need to go deep and listen to that inner voice. What does it tell you? Often we know that something is missing or our life just doesn't feel good, but we have difficulties to hear its voice and express what is it exactly. This is when I support my clients to silence the logical, conscious part and make the unconscious speak, that is where truth lies. When you find the answers you know immediately because it just feels good and obvious. That is the voice of your main character and the way to your own movie.

Now you know what you want, so let's imagine it with all the details. How is it to live that life, how is your day, how is your evening, what do you do, with whom are you? What things bring smile on to your face? What makes you satisfied and proud? What brings peace into your heart?

A coaching process is basically a way to support you to get you from A to B. It is always a journey, from being stuck in your life to move fast finally to a direction where you feel that you might be outside of your comfort zone but you also feel that you are really alive now. That you are the protagonist of your own life.

If you know what do you want, how the coaching process can serve you?

Well, it helps you to connect with your subconscious and understand what you really want, what is your real motivation and use its power. It helps you to understand the price you need to pay on this journey and supports you to get over these obstacles: your own limiting beliefs, your own expectations and misconceptions. It supports you to notice the obstacles that your own environment builds around you, mostly involuntarily, and helps you to eliminate those. Let me know if you are interested, I am more than happy to have a free consultation with you to see what value could coaching bring into YOUR life.


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