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But what will others think?

I am passionate about starting my own business. I really want to change my lifestyle and finally exercise regularly and eat healthier. I want to reach the next level with my hobby and start working as a DJ / mentor / designer.

I do everything to make this work, I research a lot, I bought the equipment I need, I joined some social media groups on the topic and I am actively dedicating time to this dream. I am serious about it. I do everything to be successful... except those couple of things that make me uncomfortable. Like talking to people about this or reaching out to them... or mentioning it publicly... or seeking new opportunities... because what would others think? What if they judge me?

Is this familiar to you?

Too often we avoid the uncomfortable and we keep ourselves busy with the safe activities even though those won't help us fulfill our dreams. And we convince ourselves that we have done everything we could, right? We generate posts and finish other training to be better instead of just doing it. Remember that the comfort zone is safe but it doesn't mean that it serves your best interests. Leaving the comfort zone might be scary and painful but that is where the zone of learning lies.

What could you do TODAY to get closer to your goal even if it is uncomfortable and strange at first? What is it that you avoid?

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