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Everything you do leads you somewhere - even though you don't know where yet

When I was 23 years old I started to learn Spanish. I always loved languages and as a Hungarian this is quite a basic need as you do have to learn languages to ever talk to anyone but Hungarians - no one will learn your language just for fun.

I remember that I had a job at a multinational company after the university and that was definitely not my dream job but it was okayish and it payed the bills, however something was missing (it is crazy to think how it took me almost 15 years to actually find what was missing), so I decided to learn a new language to have some fun. I was hesitating between Italian and Spanish and at the end I ended up learning Spanish because of my sister who studied some Spanish before and we thought it would have been fun to talk in Spanish so that our parents wouldn't understand us.

Actually we never spoke at home in Spanish as she quitted her classes after a couple of months, but I live now in Spain and my partner is Spanish so I do speak Spanish at home with him on a daily basis.

Bottom line - sometimes you do something for fun, and later on it turns out to be a game changer in your life.

When thinking of it, I am sure that the universe knows where to take me so I can just trust my gut feeling and do what brings me joy.

I studied to be a journalist as I always loved writing and after long years of working at multinational companies, I became a coach and now I am so proud to share that I just started to work for Brainz Magazine as an Executive Contributor. Those who know me well might not be so surprised as once upon a time I was a journalist, but this is a big win for me, as now I am writing as an expert on my field as a coach and I am actually not writing in my mother language but in English!

I am very excited for this opportunity to reach out to even more people this way and support them with my expertise, knowledge and experience of how we humans all work and how we could function better and create a greater future for all of us.

I recommend the first article 3+1 Key Tips To Make Your Business Thrive With The Proper Mindset to all those who would like to work on their entrepreneur mindset so that they can unleash their own potential and make their own business flourish.


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