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He doesn't think I’ve got what it takes

You have a secret dream that gives you goosebumps whenever you daydream about it. You want to work as a designer or an entrepreneur or a personal trainer and you share your dream with your partner or friend in an intimate conversation and you hope that they will understand you and share your enthusiasm even though you have doubts if you could accomplish it and if you ever will gather the courage to go for it.

And then suddenly the vision you have in your head just falls to pieces as you hear that they don’t think you are the entrepreneur type or strong enough or smart enough or brave enough. How often has this happened to you that people who know you the most told you that you were not able to do this or that.

We all perceive the world through our filter. This filter absorbs everything that happens to us and to our environment in our whole life, it absorbs every comment, every event and creates a reality that helps us to navigate in life. So when your friend or partner or family member tells you what you can’t do in life, they see you through their filter, through their reality. They don’t see YOU and what you are capable of. They don’t see how motivated you are, they don’t see all the strengths you have. They just see their own fears and they want to protect you as they protect themselves.

But it is your choice if you believe in their fears or you decide to believe in your reality, your dream and yourself.

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