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How do the laws of physics impact you?

We are extremely efficient, evolution made sure that we can only survive if we are wasting our energy on the most important things. And when things work okayish then making changes is against our biological blueprint, everything is against messing up with a system that’s working. Don’t touch it! – says the sign in our head.

So when you would like to evolve in life, you need to want to get over this inner urge to actually do nothing. It can be called laziness, passivity, prudence and you will have a million totally logical explanations why that is the best option to choose. Except it is not.

Biologically we are not risk takers. We have it in our genes to go towards the least resistance. If you want to change something consciously because you know that would serve you for the long term, there is very often a voice telling you why you shouldn’t do it, why it doesn’t make sense and why you should just stop trying as it doesn’t matter anyway. That is the least resistance.

But if you force yourself to use just a very small amount of energy to do something differently every day, it will cost you basically nothing, however at the end you gain back much more energy by not wasting your time on being unnecessary frustrated, angry, unhappy. Negative emotions, conflict have a huge toll on your energy level, so if you make tiny changes towards a more serene life, you have already won a lot! I am sure that you can bring up some examples from your life when you had endless inner dialogues in your head, arguing with people, expressing your frustration again and again in different scenarios for days or weeks. But next time you just did the same, as that is the system you were used to. That is what kind of worked for you.

Have you ever imagined what energy it requires from you?

And what else could you use that energy for?

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