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How to gain clarity?

I just posted my new article on Brainz magazine on how to gain clarity in life, and to tell the truth, this is a very personal topic for me. As I have been raised in a certain way, it was and still is very difficult for me to fight against the beliefs that come with my education, with the mentality of my parents, their generation, and their values. They are the children of people who lived during the II. World War, meaning that safety is more important than anything.

Whenever I got to a crossroads, my mother suggested that I take the safe way, except for one occasion as I remember - when I had doubts about my relationship in my early 20s, that was the only occasion when she told me not to compromise. So what is the impact of such a message? What is the impact of the message your parents try to hand over to you as their best gift? How much does it serve you, as a different person, living at a different age, with a different personality and values? And if we look at the bigger picture, how much define your decisions the messages you receive from society, from your culture, your friends, and your environment?

Would I have chosen the same turns at my crossroads in life if I had been raised by other people, at a different place on Earth, in a different culture? I am sure that the answer is yes, but how can we change artificially our heritage that influences our decisions?

My experience is that we need to recognize these beliefs and select which are the ones that serve us and to what level. We need to be very conscious about our motives, why do we not take risks in life, why we compromise, why do we not believe in our power, and why we make decisions in a certain way.

We need to be very clear on our own values, what drives us in life, and what are the key cornerstones of our decisions. For this, feel free to use my free tool to define your own values and get closer to the real you.

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