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How to live happily with no confidence?

Did you know that you actually don't need to be confident to thrive in your personal or professional life?

Even though there is a huge noise around confidence, it is not a requirement to be successful or happy. If you do work towards your goals, you will get it as a side effect, but confidence is not a requirement but an outcome. I dedicated my newest article in Brainz Magazine to this topic, talking about my own experiences when I did a leap of faith and it turned out pretty well for me despite the fact that I was frightened and scared and I had no idea what I was doing. We all know this feeling, the important thing is how can we still take action and get closer to our dreams and goals. So in my article, I am giving you 10 ideas on how to be successful and happy without confidence, as there are so many tricks, and new perspectives that can help you to take the leap, even if you are trembling inside.

A new world will open up for you by understanding that the focus should be on the actual work and effort instead of acting exclusively when you feel empowered and strong. That is another road to learning to be confident (that is also possible and it is a wonderful goal, but you need to take another turn), however, that is not the only way, you can still succeed while you are full of doubts.

Read my article to change your whole world - yes, you can have a super life, even if you second guess yourself and feel insecure from time to time.

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