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How to obtain an entrepreneur mindset?

Are you interested in having the best entrepreneur mindset to make your business thrive? Read some tips in my article in Brainz magazine or download my e-book at my webshop!

So what is an entrepreneur mindset? It is not rocket science and there is nothing that you could not obtain for yourself, but there are some key areas where you need to be conscious of your business. Just as you are recommended to have a business plan where you analyze your future income and the legal implications and requirements, you should order your thoughts around your inner motivations, your business vision, and your vision for your whole life, including all life areas.

As Simon Sinek explains in his fantastic Ted Talk called The inner circle, businesses are working when their inner why is sold and that is what will engage with the customer, not the product itself. So what is your inner why? Why are you doing what you are actually doing? Whatever you find deep in your soul, will help you to keep working when you get challenges, and about one thing I can assure you, there will be challenges.

You might find it futuristic, but there had been some research to understand the impact of visualization, so they made some people regularly practice in their head some motoric skills, like throwing the basketball to the basket, and surprisingly, those who actually practiced in their head, improved a lot in reality as well - so that is the power of our mind! Imagine if you take some time every day to visualize yourself as a successful and happy person, if you'd take the time to imagine all the details of your future happiness - what results could you achieve?

Finally, take ownership of your life and stop using your excuses why you are actually not taking a step forward - how to do it? It is easy to say, isn't it? Well, check out my article or download my exercise book to be guided through a ton of activities to get clarity about what is stopping you today to change and what could help you to create your dream life and be a successful entrepreneur.

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