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I need to take care of myself to be able to take care of others ❤️

This is a phrase that we all know and believe to be true. But when you think about your own habits, days, routine, how much do you actually apply it? How much do you draw the line and say no? How much do you allow yourself to recharge your batteries so that you have that extra energy to give away?

Does it often happen to you that you happily support others, you go beyond yourself to help your friends, your family, and somehow you never have enough time for that project you always dreamed about, or for that book to write finally, or exercise or just do something crazy like spontaneously meet a friend for a drink and leave your kid with daddy?

Do you exclusively measure your own value based on how much you serve and help others? Do you think it is selfish if you have some me-time every day when you have so much to do around the house and with the kids? Will you go out for a run only when you finish cooking, shopping, cleaning and working?

It is part of our journey to be able to see our own self-worth. If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will and it is your responsibility to fight for your own wellbeing. And if you want to go further and live a meaningful life where you fulfill your own purpose, you need to make sure first of all to not let yourself down. Only when your cup is full is when you can serve others.

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