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Is it really impossible?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

You want to lose weight and you follow the diet for two weeks but then there is a birthday party and you eat from the cake and somehow you just stopped with the diet. You want to exercise regularly so you go to the gym three times and then never ever. You want to stop smoking but there is too much stress now at work so maybe later is a better time. You decide to change your job but somehow you never have the time to update your CV (but you do have time for your favourite series as you deserve to watch it, you work so hard). You want to start your own business but surely you would fail as you are not an entrepreneur type so after a while you just give up the idea and you keep your boring job.

Does it sound familiar?

So why is it that we do know what would make us happier, healthier or more successful, but somehow we just have the perfect reason why we don't go for it at the moment?

Timing is very important, so maybe Christmas is not the best time to start a diet (or it is!), however we all tend to use wonderful excuses to find the perfect reason why we don't do something that we think would make us happier. Are we crazy? Why on earth would we do that to us?

Well, excuses, procrastination and the natural laziness are all very useful tools actually. They are there to protect us from something which is unknown and risky and which might lead us to an area where we don't have enough control. They really just want to protect us from a possible failure - or sometimes from a possible success which might be just as frightening.

During a coaching process we look at this area very thoroughly as the inner blockers are just as important as defining your goals clearly. You might know exactly how you can get there to meet your objective, but for some reasons you don't understand what is it deep inside that stops you everytime when there is an opportunity raising on the horizon. There are one million possible reasons, every client is a different world and sometimes it is hidden quite deeply what is the show-stopper and often it is a complex system of beliefs and fears.

But you can always double-check it easily if something is possible or you do use some excuses. Think on your dream. If I give you now 10000 euros, would you be able to arrange your life to be able to go for it? If the answer is yes, if money could convince you to find the time, find the energy, find the courage to go for a goal, if a reward can ensure that you prioritize your life accordingly, it means it is possible. So, do you want to work on your blockers?


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