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May all of Arianna's predictions come true in 2023!

I really hope that Arianna Huffington does have some psychic powers and that her predictions for 2023 will indeed come true.

I would like to comment on two predictions which are the closest to my heart and to the topic of how working mothers could enjoy better work conditions.

Indeed, Elon Musk's example of working up to 120 hours a week might not have become the best showcase to follow, but in the corporate world, there is still a lot to do. Working extra hours and being available at weekends or late hours is still very often a non-verbal requirement, which impacts the mental health of everyone, but is especially dangerous to the well-being of working mothers who are already in a very challenging situation by juggling work and family life. A lot of corporate moms struggle to find the balance and the silent expectations of colleagues and managers to participate in work trips and company dinners put extra pressure on them if they prefer or need to skip these extra requirements.

The very first step work-wise to prevent burnout for working mothers is to accept their work hours and provide as much flexibility as the company just can to support them.

I can't help but welcome her prediction talking about how companies will invest more in the employee's mental health, and again, the important thing is to see what could bring in the biggest positive impact. Spoiler alert, it is not the free yoga class, but rather the flexible work environment, the realistic workload and the healthy work culture which respects that we are human beings, often living in a family and work might not be our only priorities in life, but still, we can and we want to add value to the corporate world and find joy and fulfilment. A great way of support might be individual or group coaching programs that typically have an impact on employee satisfaction and overall productivity of the participants and the whole organization and might bring in 788% ROI according to a Fortune 500 company study.

May all of Arianna's predictions come true in 2023.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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