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Stressed as a mum?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I needed to learn to say this, but I am Eszter and sometimes I am a stressed new mum.

But how on earth can I be stressed when I am at home with my son? Ok, I do work on my projects, but I also have some help, and it is not like a full time job. He is so sweet, of course it is not always easy, he IS really quick when it is about getting to the sockets, I struggle making him sleep and I could handle a little bit more sleeping myself as well, but it definitely could be worse. I never had been facing with so many housekeeping tasks, cleaning, washing, cooking, it is just a never-ending story, but all mums have these challenges, haven't they? And I do get some me-time occasionally, here one hour and there half an hour. I do sport at least twice a week, so really, what is my problem?

So how can I be stressed?

Feeling the pressure to be zen doesn't help, you need to validate your feelings. You do have expectations about how you should feel as a mum, but sometimes it has nothing to do with reality, as the tasks and responsibility is overwhelming. Also, we tend to compare ourselves with our mother, the neighbour, and our friends and somehow everyone seems to be more organized and perfect and they just seem to get over all the difficulties easily. It doesn’t help that often we get those comments from the people around us stating how all other kids sleep over the night, eat well and in general develop quicker and turn/sit/stand up/walk months before our kid does…

When I work with mums there is a need to focus on eliminating the frustration and stress. You might not expect this (at least for me this was a surprise), but there is stress outside of the workplace as well. Here you have different triggers, maybe not a project deadline or your boss but rather the lack of self-care time and unrealistic expectations, weak time management and lack of effective techniques to handle emotions more fluctuating than a rollercoaster.

After giving birth there is a mum born not just a new baby. This new mum needs to learn to cope with new challenges and difficulties, especially today in the middle of COVID when all the rules changed and what was true yesterday might not be valid any more. This new mum is in a new body which is hard to recognise and has a new identity which washes away all the previous ones and serious work is needed to build these up again as strong pillars.

The new program for mums is dedicated to fresh and not-that-new mothers to have a smooth transformation into parenthood and live a balanced & healthy life even after having kid(s). I provide you a systematic support to step into your new life stage with confidence and positivity and reencounter yourself as an individual woman, mum, partner and friend. I guide you to find the way to take care of yourself and be in peace with your body, mind and soul.

Check out the program and contact me for a free consultation if this is familiar to you.❤

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