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The love of your life

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

When you think on your life and your past and current relationships, I am sure that you can find great and less nice examples of loving relationships. But how is your relationship with the most important person, who follows you through your whole life, yourself?

Imagine a huge, nice shaped oak tree full of healthy and strong brunches, covered with countless green leafs. You look at it and you smell the Earth, you feel the resilience and power of the tree. It survives heat and storm, wind and cold.

Now imagine that this tree just doesn’t want to grow big and strong because the tree itself decides to block its brunches and leafs to grow and flourish, a tree that plays it so safe that barely lives. Isn’t it a ridiculous thought?

However we as human beings often do exactly the same to ourselves. We don’t let ourselves follow our nature and explore and experience life and learn from our mistakes. We keep ourselves on a reduced level to not to get burned by life. We exclaim how silly we are. How idiots. And we feel it with all our heart, we just can’t make anything well, no wonder that people don’t really like us, they look at us with judging eyes and our presence just makes no difference to them. We are insignificant. We put ourselves behind our partner, kids and friends to earn their love. We allow behaviours that doesn’t respect us. Because if there is no self-respect and self-love, we need to find a good reason for the people to stick around.

But our mind is wonderful, it does everything for a good reason. We need to learn to listen to it and understand what its agenda is. It doesn’t let you step out of the safe cage because it wants to protect you. It has a good intention, the problem is that with living our lives in the shadow we miss so much. There is so much beauty and value in each and every one of us, so much caring and positivity. We need to learn to put ourselves out there and appreciate and accept who we are. This might be the most difficult task in life, but also the most beautiful journey.

How can coaching support you with self-love? During the coaching process we understand what your feelings towards yourself are and I help you to find and understand the wonderful values in you. What you think or say is what you are, so we focus on neurolinguistic programming and I help you to realise how you talk to yourself, what things do you say to yourself and how can you have the habit of talking and thinking highly of yourself. We look at the broader picture and see how do you represent yourself in your environment, in your relationships and how can you make it more beneficial for yourself. These are a couple of examples but of course, every individual is unique and therefore there are unique questions we need to answer together to improve the most important relationship in your life. Are you ready to take a part of this journey with me?

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