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What would happen to humanity without the kindness and love of mothers?

What would happen to humanity without the kindness and love of mothers?

Did you ever think about how much we can all thank mothers, and how warm and safe the world becomes because of the care and unconditional love they bring? And to be honest, while they are typically the primary caregivers of the family, most of them have a job, tasks, duties, deadlines and also aspirations and dreams.

Yes, they are also human beings who have necessities and needs and preferences, however, this is too often forgotten due to the nature of motherhood. We all have this image in our heads of how altruistic mothers are and should be, but what does it even mean? Does it mean that it is expected of mothers to put others first? Well, yes, and that is often needed while raising the kids, so when the baby is crying, the exhausted mother usually doesn't just ignore it and goes to sleep, something she would most probably prefer to do. But what happens if we get used to this expectation so that women need to always prioritise their kids, then their husbands and other family members, their co-workers, and their managers? What remains for these mothers, after giving and giving?

You might think that most modern working mothers fight for their physical and mental well-being and they live a conscious life where they give just as much as they are physically capable and they do spare some space for themselves to recharge their batteries. However, unfortunately, that is not the case, family structures, society and the corporate world often still don't support working mothers effectively and that is resulting in more and more working mothers on the edge of burnout, depression and anxiety. Sometimes the symptoms of this high-paced lifestyle are showing in the general emotional status so they are snappy and grumpy and it is negatively impacting their relationships with their kids and their marriage, sometimes the first warning signs are coming from the body telling them that their health is at risk. Often they have difficulties concentrating at work and keeping up the motivation and basically, they just desperately need space for themselves to breathe.

My question is, how could we support better working mothers so that we all can enjoy the warmth and strength they bring to us to the world?

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