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Work smart not hard

In my article for Brainz magazine, I am talking about how to work more effectively - a question that is so important in our always busy lives. I also find myself spending days working and in the end, never knowing what had I exactly done and where are the results? I did what I found important at the time, but was it really that I needed to focus on? Am I focusing on the right things?

When I started as a coach, I truly believed that spending time on social media is the key to getting a lot of clients. So I spent like a half year working hard on social media, juggling with family, raising my son who was less than one-year old that time, and do you know what was the result? Apart from a frustrated and exhausted mother, nothing. It brought me no success in my professional career at all. So one key point is to focus on the important things instead of the obvious things. Even though the noise around us makes us believe that there is a clear roadmap to follow for success, there are no guarantees, so you always need to consciously analyze your situations, your actions, and the results.

I repeat it on every possible platform (and try to force my clients as well) that we need to get out of our own comfort zone - it is called comfort zone but it doesn't mean that it is nice to be there. Actually, it is usually the well-known, secure but quite colorless and boring spleen and nothing interesting or exciting, and definitely, nothing helping you to grow and develop.

So if you are happy to organize yourself better, focus on the important things, get out of your comfort zone and find balance in this process, then read more about my coaching tips in my article.


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