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You are what you listen to

Probably some of you remember the Ally McBeal show and how the smile therapist recommended Ally to select a theme song that she could play in her head and it just lifted her up every time she heard it (btw she picks "Tell Him", by The Exciters, just listen to it, it is indeed a fantastic energy boost).

It was kind of a funny advice but actually I find it a great idea and as a coach I am kind of a smile therapist aren’t I. Music is powerful, it can boost our mood or make us more sensitive or even sad, depending on what music we listen to. When we go to exercise, we all pick music with positive vibes and energy (My favourite is Don't stop me now from Queen), while after a break up we like to listen to some weepy songs that help us to deeply feel our loss (this is the time for Cranberries, U2 or Leonard Cohen for me). I have my music for cleaning the house (definitely ABBA) or for cooking (some playlists with pop music or rock classics), I had my playlist for giving birth (Enya). It is unbelievable but my son at 9 months already danced for the songs even if he couldn't stand alone yet! He instinctively felt the urge to move his little body for a nice rhythmic song (The lions sleep tonight, even in my own cover).

So if music can influence our mood, why don't we use it on a daily basis? Try it out, build it into your morning routine to listen to some positive music, whatever fills you with energy and see if your day starts in a better mood. So, what is the music that lifts you up?


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