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Year End Reflection - 2022-2023

Year End Reflection - 2022-2023

It became a habit for me years ago to sit down at the end of the year and think over my accomplishments and write down my goals for the next year. How I enjoyed then marking the points as completed!

I did this activity instinctively as it felt good to actually reflect on all the great outcomes and successes and tap myself on the shoulder for the good work. I didn't know then that it was called a growth mindset and that years later I would be supporting working mothers to consciously choose to be the owners of their own lives.

With this workbook my aim is to help you to reflect on the year we are leaving behind with a positive intention but also with the aim of learning from our mistakes and using them to be a better version of ourselves in 2023 and be more successful, happy and balanced.

I also want to thank you with this workbook that you worked with me and opened yourself up to me and I wish you a Happy Christmas Holidays and a very prosperous and healthy 2023 to you and to your family!

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