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Win over COVID

This is a customised program for those who want to answer to the challenges we face due to COVID and the 'New Normal' requiring new skills and capabilities. Today it is more difficult than ever to live a balanced and happy life. This program is for people who want to invest in themselves, who are ready to meet the new requirements and improve their wellbeing significantly despite the changed circumstances.

Life coaching program

This is an amazing program for those who want to invest in themselves, who doesn't want to be stuck any more and who are ready to sit into the driving seat of their life and change it significantly.

Total physical & mental transformation program

This is a holistic program for people who want to significantly transform their physical body to be fitter, healthier and who want to change their mindset, have a more positive attitude towards themselves and the world surrounding them.

Mompreneurs' Program

It is beautiful to be a mother, a partner but it is time to fulfil your dreams.

This program is for those women who finally want to invest in themselves, finding out who they are, what is their vision about their professional and personal life and get the courage to go for it.

For greater success and for fulfillment in all aspects of your life, people come to Eszter Zsiray Life Coach. Ready to get started?

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I felt comfortable with Eszter as of the first day, she listened to me with the impression that she took in everything I said and she surprised me how she later used the information to support me. I discovered with her help how my brain just boycotts me sometimes and how can I defeat it. I gained back my self-confidence and everything I learned with her accompanies me every day.

Mónica M.