Total physical & mental transformation program

This is a holistic program for people who want to significantly transform their physical body to be fitter, healthier and who want to change their mindset, have a more positive attitude towards themselves and the world surrounding them. 

This programme is for you if

  • you care about your health and you want to improve your medical results or take pre-emptive actions with a total lifestyle change

  • you don’t like what you see in the mirror and you struggle to make any long lasting results

  • you feel that you are your biggest enemy as it is difficult to believe in yourself and keep up with the good habits

  • you want to be significantly more positive and assertive as you cope with people, events, difficulties and life in general 

  • you are far from living up to your potential and you are ready to live a more fulfilling life

What does the programme offer?

Be your improved version with being more positive & happy inside and fitter & sounder on the outside.

Accomplish physical and mental wellbeing with establishing healthy habits with lifestyle and mind-set change.

  • Ideal body weight

  • Healthy eating habits

  • Regular workouts implemented into the daily routine

  • General wellbeing and energised feeling

  • Improved overall health status

  • Lifestyle change with long lasting results

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence, self-love

  • Getting back control over your own life

  • Boosted overall happiness and positivity

  • Improved relationships and communication

  • Emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing

It is recommended with the 6 months long intensive programme with 60 minutes long weekly online sessions. Yes, that is right, it includes 24 weekly sessions and it lasts 24 weeks which is enough to achieve huge results and transform your life.

Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle have an impact on every each area of our life, starting from our professional performance to our daily mood, from our overall health and fertility to the quality of our relationships. It is a holistic approach, respecting the necessary harmony between the different areas of life with working on those domains that cause most problems and prevent the overall wellbeing. We are sensitive but extremely resilient creatures and sometimes we need some external structure and support to reach our potential. This is when coaching comes into the picture, it is like having a co-pilot helping you on your journey in an unknown territory, reading the map and traffic signs, noticing obstacles and helping to get over them and making you laugh to relieve tension on this fantastic road trip to an improved version of your life.