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How to be a good (and a happy!) mum

In my new article at Brainz Magazine, I wanted to reach back to this topic that resonates with me on so many levels, ever since I became a mother. I had a very ideal picture in my head of how motherhood will be perfect, and while it is, but in a different way, with its imperfections. Because motherhood is also super difficult. It is a constant race to figure out the next phases, the next challenges, and in the meantime, find the time and energy for ourselves, to be not only a great mum, but a loving partner, friend, daughter, a fantastic employee, and on top of that, feel good in our body, so sleep and eat well, exercise regularly, and so on.

Sometimes I wonder, how on Earth is that possible, if at all. And, mostly, it is not realistic, as there are tears and pains and exhaustion and sighs and then there are better days, when we are in a flow and things just click to their places. What is the difference? How can we have more days when we are just effortlessly managing everything? Read my new article and you hopefully get some answers or contact me for a chat to talk about what you could do to find that secret ingredient of your life!

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