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How to be happy?

When I was a little girl I had quite clear ideas about what would make me happy. Travelling and seeing the world was one of them. Having a husband and kids was also on the list, maybe thanks to the Disney movies.

Yet, even though I travelled quite a lot and I have a beautiful family, I am happy but not because of all these.

I am happy because I learned to be happy.

I learned to work on my emotions and anger.

I worked on feeling as a victim and replaced it to be an owner.

I learned to be grateful.

I learned to appreciate daily, everyday common happiness.

I learned to let it go and just laugh back carefree.

It has been a long journey to be as happy as I am today. So I dedicated my next article on Brainz Magazine about exactly this topic: How to be happy?

What are the scientific, proven ways to seek happiness? What are the false expectations and what are the things that will bring us joy on the long term?

Spoiler: it is not money, it is not achieving a goal. It is somewhere inside in our heart. It is the journey and how we live every step, every day.

Read about it in more details here and be happier!

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