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What would you need to align motherhood and work? 

The biggest challenge for corporate mothers is how to find the time, focus, and energy for both their professional careers and their personal lives. Ideally, you would say that in the office they are dealing with work, and before and after they are there for their families. However, life is never simply black and white, and I see two main problems there.

  1. Having kids is a roller coaster, it is very difficult to stick to your plans as there are unexpected illnesses, tantrums, and difficult days. This is one of the reasons that there is a negative bias against working mothers who are typically the default parents, even if they add up to 43 % of the workforce! So it doesn’t make sense to fingerpoint and put mothers into the motherhood lane, as they are as good and hardworking employees, leaders, or managers as anyone else, we should rather focus on how to support them to be able to align motherhood and work and take away one of the biggest factors for stress from their lives - for example by offering more flexibility and working with realistic and empathetic expectations.  

  2. The second big problem is what mothers actually do before and after work. They take care of their children, cook, clean, and do the grocery shopping, occasionally checking their email. So when they are not working at their professional jobs, they work at home. When would be the time for them to rest, recharge their batteries and enjoy life? We can't really expect anyone to work effectively and happily 24/7 with no proper space and time for their own needs, but that is often happening with working mothers.  Talking about the problems is just the first step, the second one is to see what are the things that every working mother might consider and implement in her life.

My program for working mothers is focusing exactly on that, solutions that everyone can apply.  Imagine a world now where there is an equal share of the workload on both parents, a world where women have no difficulties standing up for themselves and focus only on the essential and valuable activities, where they can communicate assertively their needs to their partner or employer and at the end of the day, they have the energy and balance to have it all: focus at their work, spend quality time with their family and have space for themselves to do something relaxing or inspiring. 

If you want that future for you, drop me a message to talk. 

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