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How to have a Merry X-mas?

So next week it is X-mas and I wanted to share some tips on how to make it a nice holiday despite the circumstances, as this year it is different, it is tougher for everyone due to COVID.

Personally for me it is going to be very different than any other X-mas. Last year I had my due date exactly on 24th of December, so I spent it very very pregnant and waiting for a new life to start. This year I spend it with my husband and son and my husband’s family in Barcelona so it is a wonderful thing, the first X-mas of my son, OMG!

On the other hand, this year I won’t be able to see my family in Hungary, we can see each other through the screen and talk, however it is not the same. They can’t be here with me or with my son and that is definitely the hardest part of this X-mas. I can just hope that they are all right and they are not worried or lonely.

So how can we all make it a wonderful X-mas despite COVID and being isolated? Check out the below list and build them into your daily practise for a happier holiday.

  1. Gratitude – I can really just recommend it to everyone to try to build gratitude into your life. You can start with writing a list every morning or evening of 5 things you are grateful for, and as an advanced level, try to make it an all-day practise. Whenever something bad happens or you have negative thoughts, just find the positive side of the situation what you are grateful for. There is always something good in everything and there is always something you can be grateful for. For example, I am sad as I can’t see my family this X-mas and I even don’t know when we will see each other next time. But I am grateful that this year we got to know each other better and better with my in-laws, they help me a lot with my son and as a fresh mum I really appreciate the support system around me. So I am happy that we have them here close, in the same city and that we can celebrate together.

  2. Socialise – even if you are far away, use the advantage of technology and make video calls whenever you need your loved ones close. We used to talk via phone with my family and friends, I actually have a huge practise as I am living in Barcelona for 10 years, far away from many friends and family. This year we changed to video calls and it is much better, I can see their face, their expressions, I see where they are… it just gives a lot to it. I do feel somewhat alone sometimes as our social life is very limited recently compared to my needs, I just love to meet friends, hand out with them, invite them over for lunch or go out and have dinner together. As we limited these events this year, I miss it a lot, so I often just reach out to people on my phone, sometimes to people I hadn’t talked for a while or I just give a call to my sister, and it makes it easier to handle this situation.

  3. Do good for others – no matter how miserable you feel, you will always find someone who can benefit from your help, you can always make some charity work, volunteering or just very simply help out some friends, your family or people around you. It is not only good for them, but believe me, it will make your day or week as well. The more good you make with others, the better you will feel about yourself and you will focus less on your own problems.

  4. Perspective – not only there are people who are in a worst situation than you (so you can again practise gratitude), but this year the whole world experiences difficulties and there are lot of people alone, isolated, with financial difficulties, being anxious about COVID, and so on. You are not alone in this situation, and if you understand and feel how we all are together in this, it will make it easier to handle it.

  5. Control – whatever makes this X-mas difficult for you particularly, think on the following: what can you do about it and what are the factors outside of your control? Can you reduce your loneliness with calling some people and reach out to them or with doing something good with random strangers? Yes. Can you end COVID and help on millions of people around the world? Most probably not so the sooner you accept it the better. The growth mind-set helps you to see the opportunities in the situations and let go the factors you can’t control.

Well, I hope this helps and I wish you all a very merry Xmas!

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