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How to take care of your body with a good night sleep

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As I wrote before in this post, we need to take care of our body and mind so that we can live a balanced life full with positive energy - this is the baseline, the ground zero when we talk about further self-development. How to take care of your body, well, that is a huge topic again, and what would work for you is unique and needs to be tailored for you, for your lifestyle and your goals during the coaching process. However, here are some general thoughts that you might find useful about how to improve your sleeping.

We all know how important is a good quality sleep for our performance, for our health. As a mum I could talk about sleep deprivation and its effects for a long time, but in a nutshell: it is not good for your mood, for your body, for your family and overall, long term sleep deprivation can cause serious problems. This is no news, but what can we do to improve the situation?

On average you need around 7-8 hours sleep, however this might vary per person, so the first step would be to observe yourself, when do you feel that you did sleep enough and try to set a goal: how many hours of sleeping will you need every night?

To ensure that you sleep well, make sure that you have all the physical conditions supporting your good night sleep. Do you have a comfortable bed with a good mattress? Is there silence in the room or do you need to sleep with a lot of noise from the street or with the annoying clicking of the old clock on the wall? Can you keep the sunshine, the street lights out? Do you have any electronic devices that emits hard neon light during the night as well? What can you do to improve your sleeping environment?

If you improved the physical conditions, now let's see what does your go to bed process look like. Staring at the mobile or TV screen before going to sleep will make your sleep quality poorer as these lights mess up with your circadian cycle and your body will stop to produce melatonin which is the famous sleeping hormon. It is recommended to avoid any kind of screens 1-2 hours before bed time. Instead of watching TV, you can start to tune yourself into sleeping mode: read a book, sit on the couch and have some quiet talking with your partner with a good infusion (unless drinking before sleeping would wake you up at night!), switch off the harsh lights and use some discreet light instead, have a relaxing shower or listen to some calm music… it's up to you what will work for you, but it worths to build up a routine that supports the process to let the daily stress go and quieten your mind. You should start your preparation in time and you should be very strict what activity do you allow in this timeframe, what will support your relaxation and what will prevent it. And don't forget, you won't be able to improve your sleeping unless you prioritize it!

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