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How often do you connect with yourself?

Remember when you were traveling somewhere and you just stared out of your head for a long time. You were on autopilot and the thoughts just came and went together with the trees and buildings and finally you had the time and energy to figure out what to do with your problem, with something that bothered you for a while. That trip helped you to gather together your thoughts and feelings and you just knew what to do even though everything seemed so confusing before. You didn't search for a solution but it just appeared.

This is just one example of connecting with yourself... you can meditate, exercise, walk or write a journal to get to the same result. We all know how to connect to ourselves the best way, still, we don't do it often.

Do you think it is a luxury to spend time with yourself? What if you just make the space to spend an hour with yourself and no one can disturb you? Can you say it out loud that you deserve it, because you work hard, you spend a lot of time and energy with your family and you now need to be alone?

It is your birthright to find the time to connect with yourself. So, what will you do about it?

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