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How I became a happy and balanced mum

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Life has its ways and sometimes you end up with a totally different life than you imagined. You could have never guessed it but then it just feels so natural and logical. This is what happened to me: after working for a multinational company for a long time I decided to study coaching and I just fall in love with it! I was working with fantastic people, supporting them to see themselves from a different perspective where they were capable of basically anything, I watched them achieve their goals and make their dreams come true, so who could ask for a better job? Then I became a mum and it just came naturally that I started to work with other mothers to support them to get through this battlefield also called motherhood and find the way to take care of themselves, to obtain or gain back their balance and self-confidence and get in shape physically as well.

The core of my program is exactly what I needed as a new mum. I designed a life for myself how would I be the happiest in my exact situation and I tell you it was not easy as my son was just two and a half months old when the strictest lockdown was announced in Spain due to COVID and we couldn’t leave the flat for three months. I had no help but my partner who was working from home. I was waiting for this moment for such a long time, for my son to be a little bit bigger, to adjust to parenthood and to recover from the C-section finally to start to have some social life and sport again and just meet friends, enjoy life… but instead we locked the door and I tried to adjust to the new reality.

My objectives were to get back my physical shape and health, follow a healthy diet and find the way to not to go crazy while I am learning how to be a new mum and I am locked down into our apartment with zero visitors from the external world, all this with a two months old baby boy.

My own process was of course tailored to my life and some elements of it might not be needed for another mum as they would not share the same objectives or difficulties while some elements might be mainly common for most of the new mothers. When you work with me I support you to design your ideal life as a mother, we define your objectives very specifically and we brainstorm together what could bring you closer to that and how can you achieve it at the end. What additionally a coaching process provides is the magic of removing internal or external obstacles with diving deep and understanding how you function, what are your deep inner motives and how can we build on them and on your strengths to make the change actually happen.

So what did I actually change in my life to reach my goal?

You can check it out here how I got back my physical strength and lost my baby weight and here how I learned to deal with the emotional challenges of being a new mum.

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